Meaning of Flowers


Types Of Flowers Flowers Meaning
Red Roses: Fall In Love, Hope And Passionate Love, True Love
Pink Roses: Puppy Love, Heart, Chasing, Special Care, Bright Smile
Blue Roses: Honest And Kind
White Roses: Pure Love, Respect, Humility
Yellow Roses: Noble, Cherish, Blessing, Jealously, Faded Love, Apologetic
Purple Roses: Love Dream, Eternal Love, Romantic Truth, Precious
Orange Roses: Shy, Mysterious Love, Youthful Feeling, Friendship
Champagne Roses: Only Love You
1pcs of Rose: You Are My Only One
3pcs of Roses: I Love You
6pcs of Roses: Mutual Respect, Mutual Love, Mutual Understanding
12pcs of Roses: The Love For You Is Growing
18pcs of Roses: Young Forever, Sincere, Frank
22pcs of Roses: Pairs
24pcs of Roses: Missing, Pure Love
36pcs of Roses: Romantic
50pcs of Roses: No Regrets Of Love
99pcs of Roses: Everlasting
100pcs of Roses: Be Together Forever
Red Carnations: Wishing Healthy
Pink Carnations: Deep Love In You
Yellow Carnations: Contempt
Mixed Carnations: Reject Your Love
White Carnations: Missing of Mum
Purple Tulips: Endless Love
Pink Tulips: Beauty, Deep Love, Blessed
Red Tulips: Joy, Passion Love
Yellow Tulips: Noble, Treasure, Wealth
White Tulips: Pure Love
Mixed Tulips: Beautiful, Happiness
Orange Tulips: Affectionate
Sunflowers: Love, Glory, Loyalty
Gerberas: Truth, Noble